“As the owner and operator of Batemans Bay local photography and videography business Production Haus, Martin Helmreich has consistently provided a timely, professional service to the Project Team on the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project.
During this 2 ½ year period Martin has successfully furnished the project with excellent quality videos and images that are required by John Holland’s exacting client Transport for NSW.
His work forms the basis of the majority of all public-facing materials designed for community consumption, including drone footage for Transport for NSW social media posts, regular Project Update bulletins and notifications (digital and hard copy), and John Holland corporate communications requirements (social media announcements etc).
Not only has Martin provided external communications products, he has also overseen the installation, setting up, and ongoing maintenance of the project’s time lapse cameras strategically located on both sides of the Clyde River at Batemans Bay.
The Project Team supports local businesses wherever possible, and in Martin’s case this approach has been invaluable in terms of his business’s proximity to the Project, and his willingness to respond very quickly to urgent requests.
Martin’s background in, and exposure to the top commercial and public media outlets across Australia brings a wealth of knowledge to the project, and a broad local network of other professionals working in similar fields.
Martin’s rates are extremely reasonable in comparison to metropolitan competitors, and his eye for detail is incredible.
I have no hesitation in recommending Martin Helmreich’s Production Haus services to any organisation requiring photographic and videographic expertise.”